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Krill Oil – The Studies are So Good They’re Shocking!

The studies on Krill oil, for joint comfort and flexibility, for focus and concentration, for the symptoms of PMS, for cholesterol and triglycerides, even for healthy blood sugar, are so good they’re shocking.

In a randomized placebo-controlled trial after just 7 days, the group taking krill oil had 28% less pain!! After 30 days the pain was reduced by 38%(wow) !!! The krill supplementation also enhanced joint function and flexibility.

Glucosamine and Chondroitin for Pain Relief, Cancer, and Longevity

We’ve long known that glucosamine and or chondroitin are good for supporting healthy, comfortable joints. Numerous studies from highly regarded journals prove this point over and over. Even more importantly, hundreds and hundreds of my patients swear by the stuff.


As a practicing chiropractor, I hear people’s complaints about their joints every day. It might be: Doc, I can’t play golf anymore or Doc, I was in the garden for 20 minutes and now my back is killing me. Whether back ache, sciatica, stiff neck, knee pain, hip pain or any other joint issue for that matter, these problems have several features in common: bone, cartilage, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and inflammation. These are the tissues and issues to focus on when dealing with pain.

Digest Your Food with Ease and Comfort

Feeling bloated during and after meals? Is gas a problem? Does the food just sit there? You’re not the only one. I hear these complaints regularly. In fact millions of Americans have constipation and intestinal discomfort…soon we’ll examine some of the causes.
"Hey Dr. Neil, Lost three more pounds omg!!! I finally didn't have sugar or carbs! Few days of this I'll kick the habit and lost the craving. Thanks Dr. Neil very excited!!!"
"I have been going to see Dr. Neil for a number of years. I don’t know what I would do without him! I have been to other chiropractors and nothing compares to his abilities!!"
John K
"Dr Levin is way more than just a chiropractor! He is in it to help every patient that walks through the door and treats you like family." (1/24/19)
Carl Mauriello

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